Dan 202: Keane, Zulu Winter and Elevators with Slovenian artists

Last week I was at the concert, which was organised for the 40th anniversary of the very popular radio station in Slovenia, Val 202. They called it Dan 202 (Day 202) and just for that occasion one of the most popular British indie rock bands, Keane, performed first time in Slovenia.

You can see all of my photos from Dan 202 in different galleries (the links are below):

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Zulu Winter, another indie rock band from Britain performed as the opening act.

Zulu Winter at Dan 202

After Zulu Winter, Slovenian group Elevators performed with various slovenian musicians. They took us through the 40 years of Slovenian music along with Janez Bončina Benč,

Janez Bončina Benč at Dan 202

Tomaž Mihelič, Srečko Blas and Damjan Levec (Sestre), Tinkara Kovač,

Tinkara Kovač at Dan 202

Tina Marinšek and Nina Vodopivec (Tabu), katarina Mala,

katarina Mala at Dan 202

Neisha, Lara Love (LeeLooJamais),

Lara Love (LeeLooJamais) atu Dan 202

Aleksander Mežek, Andrej Šifrer, Adi Smolar, Neca Falk, Alenka Godec, Mina Špiler (Melodrom), Oto Pestner, Billy (Bombe), Vlado Kreslin, Jani Kovačič with a capella choir, Dejan Došlo and Damir Jazbec (Leteči potepuhi),

Damir Jazbec (Leteči potepuhi) at Dan 202

Nikolovski, Zlatko, Murat & Jose, Klemen Klemen, Kosta MC, Trkaj, Mi2, Grega Skočir (Big Foot Mama), Peter Lovšin, Anja Rupel, Tomi Meglič (Siddharta), Borut Marolt (Niet) and Tokac (Dan D).

Popular British indie rock band Keane performed at the end and they impressed the visitors with their most popular songs.

Tom Chaplin (Keane) at Dan 202

Jesse Quin (Keane) at Dan 202

Tom Chaplin (Keane) na koncertu Dan 202

Keane na koncertu Dan 202

Keane na koncertu Dan 202

There were more than 3,500 visitors who enjoyed the excellent music program.

You can see all of my photos from the concert Dan 202 by clicking on any of the following icons below. Photos are available in photo albums on the social networks Facebook and Google+.

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