In August I attended the “Fotomaraton” which was organized by the Youth Center Krško and led by Ramunė Dratele. We could only take pictures with analog cameras.

We got 3 different themes (and some extra) on the basis of which we could take up to three photos. I thought the themes were pretty difficult so it was quite hard to find an appropriate motive to shoot.

I took my pictures with my old analog camera, Canon A-1. You can see some of the photos below. The first photo belongs to the theme “Expensive against cheap”, photo below that belongs to the theme “Treasures” and the third photo to the theme “Everyday miracle”.

Exspensive against cheap
Everyday miracle

You can see all the selected photographs from all of the participants from the “Fotomaraton” at the exhibition which is in Youth Center Krško – from 24th of September 2011.

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