Rock Otočec 2013

Rock Otočec 2013 – July 5th – July 7th 2013

Last week I was at Rock Otočec festival. It was moved to a new location this year so it was held at Laguna Resort in Ljubljana.

Visitors - Rock Otočec 2013

This year’s festival slogan was “More music, less mud”.

You can see all of my photos from Rock Otočec in a gallery on social network Facebook or in the one on Google+:

Rock Otočec 2013 (Facebook)
Rock Otočec 2013 (Google+)

On the first day of the festival rock band JohnDoe performed first,

John Doe - Rock Otočec 2013

followed by bands Adaun, Bottom Line, Alice Blue, DreamOn, as well as by indie group Eskobars

Eskobars - Rock Otočec 2013

and Hamo @ Tribute 2 Love. After them the well-known Slovenian ska punk band Elvis Jackson performed,

Elvis Jackson - Rock Otočec 2013

as well as the Slovenian band Mi2. Very popular Bosnian band Dubioza kolektiv performed lastly and they made sure that everybody was having a great time with the rhythms of reggae, hip hop and dub.

Dubioza kolektiv - Rock Otočec 2013

The first performance on the second day of the festival was by a band Koala Voice, followed by two Italian bands; A Free Mama and Doppia Personalità. The group Šunobusi and Generacija Rudolfovo performed after.

Obiskovalci - Rock Otočec 2013

It became more interesting when well-known Croatian alternative rock band Let 3 performed,

Let 3 - Rock Otočec 2013

as well as the Slovenian punk group Niet,

Niet - Rock Otočec 2013

U.S. band Papa Roach

Papa Roach - Rock Otočec 2013

and the Canadian Group Billy Talent.

Billy Talent - Rock Otočec 2013

All photos from the festival Rock Otočec 2013 can be viewed (by clicking one of the icons below) through the photos posted in galleries on social networks Facebook and Google+.

Gallery of photos on the social network Facebook Gallery of photos on the social network Google+

I didn’t shoot only photos at the festival but I also filmed some video material and made a short video, which you can watch here.

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