Društvo likovnikov Brežice

DLB.si I made a website for Društvo likovnikov Brežice in 2007.

I’m updating the site regularly with news and photos from various events and exhibitions. Some of the photos on the site were also taken by me.




In 2006 I participated in creating a fan-site for the well known TV show Lost.

I devoted my time more to Prison Break site so I kind of neglected my position on the Lost site, which was and still is being updated by Sabina (FreakChiq) and Tomaž (TinyTimy).


Prison Break Site

PrisonBreakSite.net In 2006 I created a fan web site for the TV show Prison Break. Unfortunately the website is no longer active.

The website had more than 7000 registered members. The last record of visits in one day was on 9th March 2008 when the site was visited by 10.253 unique visitors.

Until today the website was visited by more than 1.500.000 unique visitors.


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